UDETI – 2015

Udeti – 2015 was inaugurated on 18th August 2015. Mr. Alfred Rajiv.S, Management Representative, KG Hospitals, Inaugurated the programme, during the inaugural address he stressed upon on “How to Be Optimistic in Life”. Mr. Rajiv quoted many examples on being optimistic and he shared his expertise on the need for being Business Managers. The inaugural session was followed by a Ice Breaking session on “Knowing, Being & Doing”. The afternoon session was handled by Mr. Managalaprathapan, A CIEFL Qualified & British council trained IELTS & Business English Trainer. He addressed on how to “Inspire, Aspire & Achieve” as an MBA graduate.

During the second day of the orientation programme, Dr. P. Krishna Kumar, CEO & Secretary address the students of First year MBA of 2015 – 2017 Batch. During the special address he was insisting the advantages of the full time MBA programme and activity based learning and he gave valuable inputs to the students for their career opportunities and how to build relationship with the corporate world. The Afternoon session was conducted by Team NIMS, the fresher’s were assigned with various innovative activities.

During the Third day, fresher’s and second year students went out for an excursion. The fresher’s were able to understand their seniors and had a wonderful trip.

During the fourth day Mr.Sanjeev Srinivasan, Group Head, Training and development, NCP&IR, shared his experience on the “Value of MBA – employer’s perception. He highlighted the need for grooming themselves to excel in their professional career growth.

The fifth day was mind-blowing informative day with participative learning mode. Students got an opportunity to explore their creativity and innovative knowledge. Our second year students through various activities addressed to the changing needs of the work scenario, in which a leader needs to derive powers to engage others, collaborate with them, build a positive influence and build an optimistic work environment where in people can thrive through the work pressures.

The sixth day was the experience sharing day and followed by valedictory function. Mr. Prasanth P. HR, Training & Development, L&T, Chennai, was the Chief Guest for the Valedictory function.during the valedictory address he spoke on 4 Cs that empowers the workplace leaders. They are Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Commitment. He emphasized that students need to emerge as leaders of change. Followed by the address the prizes were distributed to the winners of various competitions conducted during the orientation programme.

All the Six days of UDETI 2015 was mainly focused on Making the Purpose Visible and Enabling the Progress. In making the purpose visible, the purpose and meaning of taking up the MBA program was the vital factor. The key question the organizers focused was: Are the students clear about what they are trying to achieve here at NIMS and how their efforts contributes to that purpose?.and the another important focus was on Enabling the Progress. The student’s ability to make the progress will be stifled by all the internal and external forces. Enabling progress will be done by mentoring them when required and trying to eliminate the road blocks. The key question fresher’s need to ask themselves was: Am I going to do everything I possibly can to ensure that I am enabling the progress for my personal and professional development.